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Sometimes We Need A Bit Of Help On Our Journey

There is power in admitting our faults and the harm committed against us by others. There is a road to healing through that confession. “Confess your sins and faults one to another so that you may be healed” (James 5:16)This verse also includes confession of the areas where we have stumbled as a result of the wrong done against us. The willingness to admit the offenses and humble ourselves to go for help it is the first step necessary to start you onto the road to victory.

We at Through The Mill Counseling Inc. believe that for many, it takes a counselor with a loving and caring heart to support you in this journey. Most of us need help to see and unravel all the turmoil so we can realize the areas of wounding in our lives. Often we are just too close to our own wounding to perceive it ourselves.

We believe that God loves all people and desires them to experience true healing. We strive to treat all clients with utmost degree of love and respect, and attempt to look at people through God’s eyes. We work with clients regardless their beliefs. No matter your past, we hope to have the opportunity to support you as you begin the journey toward healing!

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