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Healing Through Forgiveness

It is our expressed experience and knowledge here at Through The Mill Counseling, Inc. that in order to address these harmful emotions and find healing, we must get to the root of our emotions, confront our past, and forgive our offenders.  Although it may feel unnatural and unfair to forgive those who hurt you, particularly those who do not show remorse, it is only through forgiveness that we are able to move forward in freedom.  If a person is stabbed and taken to the hospital, the doctors treat the wound immediately rather than waiting to locate the perpetrator, collect evidence of the offense, and punish him for the crime.  Similarly, if we wait to forgive others until they demonstrate remorse or are brought to earthy justice, we may never receive healing from the hurt they have caused.  

Forgiveness and reconciliation do not necessarily imply remaining in relationships that are unsafe or unhealthy.  Reconciliation does not necessarily mean you will speak to the person again.  In many cases that would not be advised!  Giving and receiving forgiveness simply allows you to release your grip on the person that wounded you so you no longer are tied down by the unhealthy emotions you carried.

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