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Mind • Body • Spirit

We have learned that a person’s Mind, Body, and Spirit are interconnected, with each part
influencing the others.

MIND or SOUL (Eph: 4:23) Includes our Intellect, our Will, and our Emotions

BODY (1 Cor. 15:44): Our Physical Selves., which Touch the Material World Through Our Five Senses

SPIRIT (James 2:26): Sphere of Activity where Spirit of God and/or Other Powers Attempt to Operate

When we are taken “Through The Mill” by experiencing wounding and trauma in
relationships and otherwise, we can learn negative thought patterns and habits that can cause the steady destruction of our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

God can heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit through a journey of telling our life stories
to reveal areas that have left us wounded. Once we learn to identify the roots of harmful thoughts and emotions and deal with them, we can begin to overcome destructive behaviors that damage all three parts of our selves.

Our Thoughts Become Our Words
Our Words Become Our Actions
Our Actions Become Our Habits
Our Habits Become Our Character
Our Character Becomes Our Destiny
Our Mind, Body & Spirit Can Become
What We Allow it to Become

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Through the Mill Counseling, Inc.


Have You Been Through the Mill? Unsure How to Pick Up the Pieces and Rebuild?


Through The Mill Counseling Inc.

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Been Through the Mill?

In many ways, life in unhealthy relationships can be like the process of the two stones in a grist mill, a constant grinding and pressure that continuously wears you down over time. The grinding never seems to end because of the wounding that occurred or is occurring in your family and the generations that preceded you. For some, it can feel more like a saw mill where you feel like you have been de-barked and sawed into many pieces and then ground into mulch!


It is our goal to help pull you out from be-tween those mill stones or mill blades. We want to get you “Through the Mill,” out of the mill, and to the other side to freedom! Even Jesus had someone help him carry His cross. We are here to help you in your journey to healing from your own personal experience of going “Through the Mill.”

In Need of Support?
At TTMC, we know that God loves all people. We strive to treat all clients with the utmost degree of love and respect, in an attempt to look at them through God’s eyes. No matter your past or present
struggles, we hope to support you in the journey toward healing.

Counseling Services

Family • Marital • Individual
Adult • Child • Adolescent

Fear • Anxiety • Worry • Depression •
Bipolar • Stress • ADHD • Post Traumatic Stress • Personality Issues • Sleep • Self Esteem Bereavement & Grieving • Self-Mutilation • Anorexia • Bulimia • Over-Eating • Hoarding • Abortion & Post Abortion Counseling

Relationship Abuses
Sexual Abuse • Verbal Abuse • Emotional Abuse • Physical Abuse •
Restoration of Relationships Individually &
Collectively When Safe/Possible

Marriage and Divorce
Premarital Counseling •
Marriage Counseling •
Counseling for Those Considering, Going Through, or Who Have Already Been Divorced • Children of Divorce

Spiritual Counseling
Victims of Spiritual Abuse • Biblical Christian Counseling

Life Skills
Mentoring • Discipleship • Relationships•
Employment Issues • Life Changes •
Social Skills

Budget Planning • Debt Consolidation & Reduction Strategy

“Working All Things Together For Good”
Romans 8:28


The Road to Healing

It is our belief here at TTMC that there is a road to emotional healing which requires us to get to the root of our emotions, confront our past, and forgive our offenders. We believe that for many, it takes a counselor with a lov-ing and caring heart to support you in this journey. Most of us need help to see and
unravel all the turmoil so we can realize the areas of wounding in our lives. Often we are just too close to our own wounding to see it.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jer. 29:11

Our office provides a safe and supportive setting to explore the issues keeping you from true healing. We are
experienced working with families,
children, adolescents, individuals, and
couples to address a variety of issues
related to relationships and their impact on the Mind, Body, and Spirit..

If you or a friend are looking for a counselor in Pennsylvania or Florida please give us a call at 570-850-3682 or e-mail Sarah at Our Virtual Counseling Online Therapy Office with Through The Mill Counseling, Inc. is available here:

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Through The Mill Counseling, Inc.
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