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Online/Virtual Therapy

At Through The Mill Counseling, Inc. in Pennsylvania and Florida we offer virtual counseling services to help people find freedom from past or present areas of relational wounding and trauma as well as other traumatic events, disorders and dis-ease.

It is our goal as counselors to see each person live with Joy and Victory. It is our desire to see people healed from abuses and afflictions of many kinds, including anxiety, depression, stress and grief, through our counseling services.

Choosing Emotional Healing

Through The Mill Counseling, Inc. has established a HIPAA Compliant Online Counseling Office to better serve those that are unable to travel to an office location or those who want to save time by having sessions virtually with audio and video capabilities in the privacy of their own environment.

Power For The Journey

Boardwalk, Plymouth Ma.

Virtual Counseling/Online Therapy is only recognized by a couple insurance companies for reimbursement. Although Through The Mill Counseling, Inc. is credentialed with several insurance companies, most clients will have to pay fees out of pocket. Many clients have used their Health Savings Account to have those fees reimbursed directly to them.

Sarah Scheimreif is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker experienced in working with children, adolescents, adults of all ages as well as marriage and family situations.PLEASE LET US SERVE YOU.

If you or a friend are looking for a counselor in Pennsylvania or Florida please give us a call at 570-850-3682 or e-mail Sarah at Our Virtual Counseling Online Therapy Office with Through The Mill Counseling, Inc. is available here:

Virtual Counseling Online Therapy
Through The Mill Counseling, Inc.
It is best to set up an appointment via phone or
e-mail before entering the waiting room online.
(or) 570-850-3682

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