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“Through The Mill Counseling”

It seemed fitting to name our counseling agency “Through The Mill Counseling”, as its previous location was constructed on the former site of a large mill.

On a deeper level, we feel that the expression “I’ve been Through The Mill” clearly describes the process of wounding in relationships.  In many ways, life with unhealthy family and other relationships can be like the process of two stones in a grist mill, a constant grinding and pressure that continuously wears you down over time.  The grinding never seems to end because of the wounding that occurred or is occurring in your family and the generations that preceded you.  For some, it can feel more like a saw mill where you feel like you have been debarked and sawed into many pieces and then ground into mulch!

It is our goal to help pull you out from between those mill stones or mill blades.  We want to get you “Through The Mill,” out of the mill, and to the other side to freedom!  Even Jesus had someone help him carry His cross.  We are here to help you on your journey to healing from your personal experiences of being put “Through the Mill.”

If you or a friend are looking for a counselor in Pennsylvania or Florida please give us a call at 570-850-3682 or e-mail Sarah at Our Virtual Counseling Online Therapy Office with Through The Mill Counseling, Inc. is available here:

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